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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  December 7, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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shots at roy moore and the man sitting in the oval office. >> over the last few weeks, a number of women have come forward about how they felt my actions affected them. i was shocked. i was upset. some of the allegations against me are simply not true. others, i remember very differently. you know, an important part of the conversation we have been having the last few months has been about how men abuse their power and privilege to hurt women. i am proud that during my time during the senate, i have used my power to be a champion of women. today, i am announcing that in the coming weeks i will be resigning as a member of the united states senate.
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i, of all people, am aware there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office. and a man who repeatedly preyed on young girls, campaigns for the senate with the full support of his party. >> sarah sanders was asked about those comments. busy day in washington as well as across the globe. let's get to it with the team of reporters. nbc chief white house correspondent. also an msnbc contributor and anna palmer, white house correspondent for politico. halle, the announcement from franken came after the senate
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calling for him to step down. after that seventh accuser came forward alleging he forcibly tried to kiss her before he was a senator. he says -- she says he said at the time, it's my right as an entertainer. franken called that allegation categorically not true. there were several questions about this at the briefing you were at including a follow up question by our colleague, kristen welker on whether trump can lead given his history and roy moore's, which wasn't really answered. give us your take of what sarah sanders had to say in the briefing. >> reporter: let me give the response. the response to senator franken's comments about what he described as an irony that he's resigning and donald trump is in the oval office. >> senator franken said, quote,
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he's aware there's some irony in the fact i'm leaving while a man who bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office. what is the white house response to that? >> look, the president addressed the comments back during the campaign. we feel strongly that the people of this country also addressed that when they elected donald trump to be president. i have addressed it several times from here and don't have anything now add. >> reporter: so, you heard the response there. i tell you, i asked about the president's credibility in leading this conversation when it comes to this moment of reckoning. kristen welker, our colleague in the briefing room followed up on the question. sanders response seemed to stick. what's done is done. the president is elected. we have addressed this before.
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he is in the oval office, we are moving on. that seemed to be the overall attitude toward this question. >> yeah, it's important to say, halle, not addressing the fact that, yes, he was elected, but it's not as if that election affirm that is people did not believe the accusers. it says perhaps they didn't -- that is not the overriding issue for them. >> reporter: my only point is and the white house is pointing out, the white house is not saying that. that's not the argument for obvious reasons. i think it's worth noting what the environment is. i think one of the most important parts of this, i think is a little overlooked, the fact you have sitting members of congress saying the tools congress has are not adequate enough to address this issue of sexual harassment. we learned what are the tools folks in the white house have to address sexual harassment. that's another line of questioning from sanders. i want to hit two headlines
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coming out of the briefing. one, no affirmation from sarah huckabee sanders that u.s. athletes will participate in the olympics. the other headline, president trump is taking a physical and we are going to hear about it next year. that's new. >> thank you so much. the tag team between you and kristen welker trying to get to the bottom of that question, much appreciated. let's go to capitol hill. this was a deeply personal speech from al franken. he's resigning after nine years in the senate. overwhelming pressure from colleagues. he pointed out the president being in office, roy moore coming to the senate when they face their own allegations. having said that, people on the left, who agree with him on that, seem taken aback there was no remorse in that statement. give me your take on the reaction where you are. >> reporter: in terms of the remorse or not in the statement from al franken, he's got a
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couple audiences here, the former colleagues and wife and family and he may split a bit of a difference. halle talked about the idea of credibility and addressing the issues of sexual harassment. it's clear senate democrats want to make sure they maintain their credibility on this issue, both as something they believe in and something they can use electorally to their advantage. having franken step aside, make no mistake, he was forced out by his own colleagues, democratic women who said enough is enough and it's time to go. democrats think they can hold the moral high ground on this as it relates to the president and roy moore, their possible future colleague. a couple democratic senators said, here's us democrats holding our own accountable, what are you republicans going to do about this and trying to put the ball in their court a little bit. i point out, we talked to tim kaine down here, a senator from
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virginia. look, the things al franken was accused of, they feel one might not fit the time line, happened from before he was a senator. if that's the precedent that the accusations that happen before your time in office get you forced out, it's a game changer not just for roy moore, but any number of people facing allegations down the pipe. >> this started with senator ker stin gillibrand and moved quickly. is there a conversation being h had? do you get to take the moral high ground because sexual harassment isn't acceptable? >> listen, if you talk to senator gillibrand and other democratic senators, particularly the women, they say this is a broader conversation they have having about sexual harassment and assault in
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congress and around the country. there's a lot of politics at play. democrats need to be able to say they are not part of the swamp or part of the problem in washington. you can see a total election where it's throw everybody out and get new people in here. >> as i mentioned earlier, we have republicans coming to al franken's defense. among them, newt gingrich. let's play that. >> all of these nice people, none of whom have given back the money they raised from harvey -- >> weinstein. >> weinstein. none of them offended in the past. suddenly, in a moral outrage create a lynch mob. what you saw today was a lynch mob. let's not have due process or ask questions or have a chance to have a hearing. lynch him. when you are done lynching him,
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we'll be so pure. >> is this the flip side of the calculation that the republicans are trying to give themselves cover? >> well, i have heard from at least some liberal activists and some people who work for al franken they feel al franken was pushed out too early and given as a martyr to this movement because the democrats wanted so badly to make sure they are clear conscience and when they could attack roy moore. if and when roy moore gets to the senate, we didn't put up with this with al franken even if it's behavior before him, before he got here. what is important is there are democrats who feel, especially six women who came out earlier f the political story wasn't true, there are stories about groping women, a picture of him with a servicewoman. there's this idea women in the senate are saying this is untenable situation. they have been talking for weeks. this didn't happen yesterday, out of the blue. this is a long conversation they
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have been having. the colleagues they have been having. they decided we can't put up with this. on the republican side, it's interesting and going to run after the show and talk to people about whether or not republicans are going to feel pressure to talk about people that settled for money. >> what happens next with al franken's seat? >> well, the governor of minnesota is going to make a choice here in the not too distance future to appoint someone to fill the seat until a special election can be held november of next year. the likeliest person is his own lieutenant governor, a woman who supposedly doesn't have a lot of interest in holding that seat permanently. it's interesting. republicans have been talking to me for weeks about the idea minnesota is a target for them in a lot of house races. it looks more like iowa than it looks like some other states in the upper midwest.
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the idea there could be an open senate seat contest there in 2018 has a lot of republicans licking their lips. that's a possible opportunity to expand the majority in 2018. thanks to all of you. just in the last hour, i spoke to one of the women who accused al franken of sexual misconduct. stephanie was the first to come forward and i asked her if she felt justice had been done. here is the response. >> what is justice in this situation? it's just sad, overall. his resignation is just one of the consequences for what he's put us through. i'm so sad and appalled at his lack of response and him owning up to what he did. i feel that he just keeps -- he just keeps passing the buck and
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making it out to be something that we took his behavior the wrong way, or we misconstrued something or we just flat out lied about what happened to us. and, i -- justice to me would be him owning up to what he did and to stop trying to pass the buck on to other individuals. >> i want to bring in bash ra boxer, former democratic senator and michael steele. senator boxer, let me start with you. you have a long record fighting for women's rights. i'm sure you have been watching, following this all as the me too campaign carefully. >> yes. >> what was your reaction when you heard senator franken today? >> i think it was inevitable. you know, sometimes this fight gets so painful. we are at a different phase now
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in our society. i think most people don't remember, don't think about the fact women have been fighting for equality for a long time. it took 131 years to get the right to vote. my own mother was born, she didn't have the right to vote. eventually she did and she cherished it. we have been fighting for a very long time. sometimes that overtakes the moment, the individual. look, i went through al's campaign with him, the first campaign for the senate. i called him almost every day when he was such a close race and there was a recount. but, you know, we have got to understand what would happen if al stayed there. i was the chair of the ethics committee. they would leave no stone unturned and there would be woman after woman and maybe more women. this country is more important
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than any individual senator. when i left the senate of my own free will, it was a sad moment, but i knew, you know, it goes on. it will go on. >> were you disappointed he didn't apologize or seem, in any way that he felt bad about what had happened or on the flip side, do you think this is a case where he was denied due process? >> listen, here is the deal. if you look at the private sector and all the people who paid the price, were they denied due process? the fact is, we are at a time now. our country is under threat from terrorists, from this russia deal, from a president who says the press is the enemy of the people. we cannot, as sitting senators, have these distractions, even though we feel bad. i'm not going to say what al should have said or what's in
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his heart. he is giving up the senate, it's his right to say whatever he wants. clearly, when multiple women come forward, this is what you see. the first came forward, we say hey, wait and see what happens. more and more women came forward. we had to do this. what he says or how he feels about it is in his heart. >> michael, you can't ignore the contrast here. on the left, a senator accused of groping. he is out of office now. on the right, a republican candidate poised to win his election for senate after being accused of sexually molesting minors. you heard al franken talking ant the man who is in the oval office now, on tape talking about sexually abusing women. will republicans have to reconsider? will they pay a political price here? >> will they have to or will they? >> those are two questions.
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answer them both, please. >> so, will they? no. will they have to? yeah, they should. the fact of the matter is, the principles have been compromised. their value system has been compromised. the most important things to republicans in leadership and certainly those running in alabama is getting elected. it is not the value, the principle that individuals who have been abused and have raised concerns about this specific abuser running for office. they are credible and they should be taken as credible. that's not enough. it clearly is not enough. so, i don't know where the bottom is anymore for the party. i don't know where the bottom is anymore when it comes to believing these women. if this is the position the party is taking. i know where it is for me,
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personally. i drew that last year with the "access hollywood" tape. i thought, okay, here we go, clear and present danger. clearly, that was not enough for a number of americans and citizens who sort of dumbed down a little bit and go, okay, i don't like hillary so much that i'm going to go in this direction. fine. in the same situation is confronting the problem. here we are with more. >> i'm glad you brought that up and i guessed the last hour from the hillary clinton campaign, we are in such a different time now. >> yeah. >> this reminds me of things like gay marriage where suddenly the feeling at least what people were willing to express changed at warp speed compared to the way social changes often happen. this is happening in such realtime and so quickly. do you wonder at all if we were having an election now, would people respond differently?
11:18 am
i wonder? >> i do wonder. i do wonder about that. i would like to think they would. i would like to think they would, but, you know, alabama is it an outlier or nature of the commission we are in? we'll find that out in a week. >> i'm told casey hunt caught up with jeff flake about what happened with al franken. listen. >> reporter: senator, what is your view of senator franken's decision to resign? >> he made the right decision. >> reporter: does this set a precedent where they can look at past behavior? what does it mean for republicans if roy moore becomes senator? >> i don't know. that's what everybody is trying to figure out now. the ethics committee won't be looking at al franken. if roy moore is elected, they will look at roy. >> reporter: should they call for a vote to expel him if
11:19 am
elected? >> we'll see what they recommend. i hope he's not elected. i'm not happy that the rnc is backing him and i think we all ought to be very vocal about it. this is not our best foot forward with roy moore and we'll have long-term damage for the party and our brand if we do so. >> i want to be able to segway, if i can with you both, over what the president is doing now. that is, i'm guessing -- okay. there he is with veterans as the entire nation pauses to remember pearl harbor. everyone who fought that day, obviously, december 7, pearl harbor remembrance day, the vice president standing with him. let's listen. >> gave it to them pretty good. they were successful at the return fire. good job. you look like you are 50 years old. you must have been very young. you look great. what is the age?
11:20 am
>> 93. >> 93! you look great. george blake stood watch on the hawaiian shores, ready to repulse a feared invasion. george? george? thank you, george. that was pretty wild scene. you'll never forget that, right? nope, you haven't and you fought hard. alexander. enlisted in the army when he was only 17. alex served throughout the war. if you tried to call him a hero, he would tell you, he was just a regular grunt in the service, that's what he told us. a regular grunt. i don't think so. thank you. thank you. i know it is. you are not a regular anything. you are a hero. you are a hero. all of you are heroes. in the weeks and months that took place after the surprise attack and that was a vicious surprise attack, millions of american patriots answered the same call and went to war.
11:21 am
they fought, they bled, they sa sacrificed and triumphs. many died to defeat the enemies of all humanity. the legacy of that legendary american generation is carved deep into the stone monuments of history across the battlefields, oceans and skies. one great battle cry could be heard by american friends and foes alike. remember pearl harbor. have you heard that before? a couple times? remember pearl harbor. ♪ remember pearl harbor ♪ just remember pearl harbor as we did the alamo ♪ ♪ we should always remember how they died for liberty ♪ ♪ just remember pearl harbor and go on to victory ♪
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>> yes! [ applause ] >> what can i say? that was good. he's a very shy person, too. and a great football player. today, our entire nation pauses to remember pearl harbor and the brave warriors who stood tall and fought for america. as i signed the proclamation, making this national pearl harbor remembrance day, i ask that god continue to bless and watch over each of you as very, very special people to our country. god is watching over you. we appreciate it. thank you. our surviving world war ii veterans are a precious, national treasure. i'm going to sign this proclamation and we are going to, i see there's one pen, but we are going to get plenty of other pens for you guys so you remember this day.
11:23 am
again, we'll do it for another seven years. okay? seven years. you will have to promise you will be around, right? you will be around. we will be together. okay? thank you. thank you very much. let's sign the proclamation. thank you. that was so great. free entertainment, right? okay. this is national pearl harbor remembrance day, 2017. great men. it's okay. thank you, everybody. [ applause ]
11:24 am
see you next year, okay. i'll see you next year. thank you. thank you. thank you very much, appreciate it. >> the president sign thad proclamation on the anniversary of pearl harbor. remembrance day, as it is called. obviously, surrounded by veterans, including one, appropriately in a very colorful hawaiian shirt who serenaded the president and the folks listening. our thanks to them and the veterans. a good day to remember the sacrifices made by our military over the years. particularly on the 76th anniversary, president being asked questions. did we hear the question that was asked?
11:25 am
obviously he -- okay, we didn't hear the question. whoever was in the room will obviously report on that. again, the 76th anniversary of pearl harbor. still ahead this hour, the head of the fbi spent his morning on capitol hill defending his agency against attacks from the president. >> i am humbled and inspired to be back in public service working alongside them. also ahead, growing questions about the president's son and name sake after his grilling on capitol hill. what he wouldn't say about his father and the reason he gave for his silence. day of rage. clashes break out after the president's reversal on jerusalem. how is the white house responding?
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four days ago, the president tweeted the fbi's reputation was in tatters. then, today, on capitol hill, the fbi director disagreed. >> there is no finer institution than the fbi. the agents, analysts and staff of the fbi are big boys and girls, we understand that we will take criticism from all corners. we are accustomed to that. my experience has been our reputation is quite good. >> the house judiciary committee had plenty of questions for chris fer ray this morning. they are not the only ones on the hill who want answers.
11:30 am
they want nor information from donald trump jr. after the eight-hour grilling yesterday. an interview he cited attorney-client privilege and refused to answer questions about a phone call with his father. joining me now, nbc news national security and justice reporter, julia ansley. julia, congressman adam schiff says don jr. didn't answer questions about the conversation with his father citing attorney-client privilege. what's the argument? >> the argument that donald trump jr. is trying to make is attorney-client privilege because both men have lawyers on the phone call. sarah huckabee sanders wassed asked about it if you have the tape to play. >> we believe his lawyers had a legitimate reason for not answering those questions. that's something i would address you to his attorneys to address
11:31 am
more fully. >> again, they are referring us to the attorneys. reporters and members of congress are sort of chasing their tails here trying to figure out what exactly happened on this phone call. richard blumenthal, a senator from connecticut said recently, this is the reason donald trump jr. needs to be subpoenaed, so he is forced to answer the question. >> i'm looking at the blumenthal statement where he calls it a disingener disingeneralious claim. when the story first broke, that was july 8, don jr. gave that initial and misleading statement claiming the meeting was about u.s./russia adoptions. july 12, jay sekulow said the president wasn't involved and echoed that on july 16 in his appearance on "meet the press." >> the president was not, did not draft the response.
11:32 am
the response came from donald trump jr. and i'm sure in consultation with his lawyer. the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement and did not issue a statement. >> he says the president wasn't involved. july 31st they stay president dictated the statement. the next day, sarah huckabee sanders says president trump weighed in as any father would. we have the latest don jr. testimony. what do you make of this? >> chris, only a lawyer for donald trump could make the distinction between drafting and dictating as a way out of this. you are right. the explanation has shifted. what we learned yesterday, don jr., for some reason or under some rational, invoked attorney-client privilege. it raises a bigger question. why not? why not clarify for the committee, the facts behind this? this is the recuring question
11:33 am
throughout this whole investigation. it's been the question with michael flynn. it's been the question with george papadopoulos and paul manafort and his deputy gates. why not be candid and forthcoming in the congressional interviews and the interviews with the fbi and more recently with bob mueller's team. it certainly suggests there is something here that they are trying to hide. >> meantime, the top democrat on the house oversight committee is asking the top republican to meet with the whistleblower who came forward with information on flynn. take a listen. >> i want him to listen to what he has to say, then, after that, hopefully we'll be able to issue subpoenas to get the documents we need. >> the chairman signaled that's not going to happen. what is his argument. >> this is the whistleblower we heard about yesterday who says
11:34 am
michael flynn was texting just 11 minutes into the trump presidency while he stood on the stage taking the oes, making a business deal with someone in the middle east that he had built up a business relationship before the presidency and was using his new position as national security adviser to cash in on. what he's saying is interview thag whistle blower will complicate the mueller investigation. flynn pleaded guilty last week. maybe his argument here is that if we come out with more on michael flynn, that will complicate the relationship robert mueller has with this presumably cooperating witness. he ran that argument by mueller and mueller is okay with it. it is fine for this committee to talk to a whistleblower who had this important information to share. >> in the meantime, if you look at this, do you think the congressional investigations, i'm not meaning to call into question any particular individual or the quality of
11:35 am
these probes in general, but, are they largely irrelevant when you talk about what robert mueller is doing and ultimately, is that where the focus is going to be and we certainly see a lot of folks on the president's side trying to discredit mueller and the people who work for him. >> i know you won't question the integrity, but i will. the house intelligence committee has proven its so entirely completely unable to mount an impartial investigation into this. you recall the chair, devin nunes had to recuse himself. he walked back in recent months after he was caught colluded himself with the trump white house. mike conway, who is now overseeing the russia investigation has proved a bit more impartial, but not proven himself interested in getting to the bottom of the crux of what the house intelligence committee should be investigating, that is
11:36 am
allegations of collusion, allegations of cooperation between the trump campaign and the russian federation. that's why, yes, i put my stock in bob mueller's team. we have seen cooperation on the senate intelligence side. i think bob mueller, it will be up to him and his team of capable, able prosecutors to get to the bottom of what happened here. ned, great talking to you. julia, thank you as well. president trump expected to sit down with republican and democratic leaders in the next hour. yes, as they are known these days, chuck and nancy, will be back in the white house. or at least that's the plan. it was last week they were all scheduled to meet and the president tweeted, blasting the democrats and that led pelosi and schumer to back out of the meeting. today, they are back and there are very high stakes. we are one day away from a gompbment shutdown. senate leadership aids say the senate could pass a resolution,
11:37 am
but so far, no deal. joining me from washington, nbc news white house correspondent, kristen welker. kristen, there have been, we counted, 12 government shutdowns since 1981. president trump, just yesterday said a government shutdown could happen and blame democrats for that threat. let me play what senator schumer and congresswoman pelosi said this morning. >> democrats have never supported shutting down government and we don't do so now. >> if a shutdown happens as the president seemed to be rooting for in the tweet earlier this year, it will fall on his shoulders. nobody wants to see a shutdown. we democrats are not interested in one. >> what do you think? what's going to happen in this meeting? what are we expecting? >> reporter: there could be tensions. look, the stakes are very high. as you point out, we are one day away from potential government shutdown. all sides are pointing fingers.
11:38 am
s sarah huckabee sanders said look, the republicans have the majority. doesn't this fall on them. she pushed back and said look, it's up to democrats to come to the table as well and didn't hesitate to point out the fact they did cancel the meeting last week. that's been a big talking point for the president and republicans. democrats, particularly when you think of a longer term spending deal, they want to deal with the issue of daca, dreamers, they want a fix for that before the new year. president trump, white house officials say, look, we can't be attaching policy riders to spending bills. take a listen to what sarah huckabee sanders said when pressed on whether president trump would support a daca fix on the spending bill? >> the president committed to a strong border and to a border wall. i would imagine that's discussed at some point today. i think we all hope a deal can be reached. we hope the democrats will be
11:39 am
willing to put aside partisan politics and funding the government. >> reporter: there are a host of thorny issue that is will be on the table, everything from hurricane relief spending to health care for children as well as a number of other big issues like defense spending. it's that daca issue that has been front and center of the more contentious parts of the debate. how will this end up? as always, we have to wait and see. we'll be watching closely to see what happens in that 3:00 meeting. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that. one of the questions, by the way, from sarah sanders was about what's going on in california. we are going to talk more about the fires coming up. joining me from capitol hill, new york democratic congressman, joe crowley, chair of the democratic caucus. good to see you, congressman. what leverage, if any, do democrats have as you see the two leaders of the house and
11:40 am
senate going in to meet with the president? >> that remains to be seen whether or not the republicans have the votes to pass a continuing resolution. what i can say is this is no way to continue running a government. continue resolution, that's not what we should be doing. we have the hurricane in puerto rico. that does need to be addressed. this is no way to run a government. >> i think a lot of people agree with you. given the situation you are in, do democrats have anything they can do at all? >> well, we have had leverage in the past when they needed our votes to pass a continued resolution in the past, we have had the opportunity to get to what we care about. chip, child health insurance program. pensions. daca. assistance for puerto rico and the virgin islands. we care about that a lot. listening to the white house spokesperson and talking about putting aside a partisan agenda. what is more partisan than the
11:41 am
wall itself. they continue to the building of a wall. there's nothing more partisan than that. we are in the minority in the house and senate. it's the republicans responsibility to govern. we are the loyal majority, but we want to have a say, if they need our votes. >> the other issue facing folks where you are, which is about tax, the tax plan and people living in blue states like yours with increases under the republican plan. "the wall street journal" found they could pay 5% in taxes if the state and local deduction is eliminated. what are your options as republicans move forward? >> well, my republican colleagues from new york. it's unconscionable for a single republican from new york to support this tax bill. i talk about tom reid and collins in buffalo. i talk about congressman catgo
11:42 am
in syracuse. the same in california. any kcalifornian who votes for the bill is putting a burden on his or her state. it's unconscionable. there's no rational for a republican from new york, pennsylvania, illinois or california to support this bill. unfortunately, there are members doing that. >> finally, the other big story, senator al franken announcing he will be resigning. we saw congressman john conniers retiring. are you concerned there was a rush to judgment in either situation? should an ethics investigation been carried out? >> for many issues, it will be moot. once the person retires from congress, the process in terms of ethics investigation is ended. so, listen, i think this is overwhelming in many respects in
11:43 am
congress or the private sector. what i can say is we, the united states congress, we don't need to have the gold standard, we need the platinum standard. we need to be the showcase to the rest of the country as to how we will react to transgressions like sexual harassment in the workplace. it has no place. we need to work together to find a solution that meets the challenge that we are faced with now. democratic congressman of new york, good to see you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. wildfires burning out of control in the l.a. area. 60,000 homes have been evacuated. we will be on the ground with firefighters as they try to save entire neighborhoods. also coming up, american embassies on alert after president trump says the u.s. will recognize jerusalem as israel's capitol. next, we are where protests turned violent. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin.
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we are following breaking news as tens of thousands are under evacuation orders this afternoon with wildfires continuing to rage through southern california and new evacuations for the town of ojai. you are looking at images in bell-air and driving through skirball and the 405 freeway. they face high winds through weekend. it makes it harder to contain the fire.
11:48 am
jacob is in ventura, california, where the thomas fire has burned up to 90,000 acres. what are you seeing behind you? >> reporter: well, we just saw moments ago, this eucalyptus tree up in flames. these firefighters in the fire department came in and extinguished it quickly. we are near multimillion dollar homes. chief, tell me what we are looking at. >> the main fire from 101. had the ember cast from the wind, got into the palm tree, growing plantation here. palm trees lit off. embers showered the homes here. we had a number of engine strikes providing structure defense to protect the homes from the citizens. >> i have been watching you and your folks all day long up and down the road continue to put out fire after fire. in your experience here, at the
11:49 am
ventura county fire department, have you seen anything like this in your career? >> numerous fires but generally not lasting as many days with the current weather conditions and expected weather forecast what it's going to be. being as dry as it is and the challenging wind makes it challenging for us. >> reporter: as i said off camera, you are not just firefighters, you are residents in this county. you are the men and women of ventura. when you look around, look at this. these are some of the firefighters catching short break from their duties. look at them and the looks on their faces. i know everybody must be tired. what's going through your mind. let's walk over to them. >> we just finished here. we are going to leapfrog downwind where the ember cast is going to protect the structures along the beach. all of our, most of our employees are residents of ventura county and take pride in
11:50 am
protecting the county and the citizens that reside here. it's important to us. >> reporter: do you anticipate getting a break? we feel the wind pick upstanding here. the picking up as we speak. moves up towards santa barbara. what happens next? >> continue to put lee sourreso where they're needed to protect structure, ranches, avocado groves. livelihoods of the citizens that live in the county. >> battalion chief, thank you very much, chief. greatly appreciate you and the men and women of your department. hard to understate how hard the job is that these men and women are doing on the front lines and as the winds pick up yet again, this thing isn't stopping anytime soon. back to you. >> remaining on the front lines in ventura, california. thank you. [ gunfire ]
11:51 am
israeli soldiers fired tear gas at palestinian protesters during demonstrations in bethlehem earlier today. there were violent clashes between protesters and israeli soldiers in jerusalem and other west bank cities. one day after president trump said the united states would recognize jerusalem as israel's capital, and eventually move the u.s. embassy there. demonstrators threw rocks and other objects at the hamas called for a new uprising against israel raising fears of more violence tomorrow after friday prayers. joining me on the phone in amal la in the -- ramallah. intense scenes and tell us what you're seeing now? >> reporter: chris, the situation this evening remains relatively calm after what you mentioned began with mostly peaceful protests in towns across the occupied west bank
11:52 am
including here in ramallah. as the protests began to disburse, people made their way to the outskirts of the cities and that's when we saw this in military checkpoints. happened in ramallah and bethlehem. for the most part, throwing stones at the troop, burning tires trying to barricade and block roads and access points in and out of those areas. israeli troops deployed in and around the area shot back tear gas and in cases rubber bullets into the crowd. about 100 palestinian was injured in the clashes throughout the day and it gives a sense of really the kind of growing tension on the street level that is also putting a lot of pressure on the political leadership of the palestinian authority as to what they will do next. throughout the day, chris, we heard a lot of these protesters and demonstrators calling on the
11:53 am
palestinian authority to rescind its recognition of israel to withdraw from the political peace process. the so-called oslo peace process and many dejecting the administration and the trump administration. we heard from the prime minister who said that the united states could no longer be trusted to be an honest broker in all of this in the middle east peace process, and we heard from the palestinian chief negotiator who said that effectively trump's decision yesterday to recognize jerusalem was a deaf sentence to the two-state solution and own one state could ensure the palestinians. late this evening from gaza, rockets believed to be fired into israel. sirens in southern israel went off. the israeli military have not yet confirmed what exactly was fired into southern israel, but we got word a short while ago that israeli military, israeli
11:54 am
tanks, also fired into gaza at various positions belonging to militant groups. it gives you a sense how delicate and tense the situation remains here ahead of friday prayers tomorrow which everyone will be watching to see what kind of turnout comes and more importantly, whether or not the protest expected to take place after friday prayers turn violent. chris? >> nbc's ayman mohyeldin in ramallah for us. thank you for that. it joining us from san francisco, let me pick up on what exactly we just heard from ramallah from ayman mohyeldin. what do you think we'll likely see after friday prayers tomorrow? >> it's hard to predict exactly what we're going to see, but unfortunately, the violence and the tension that we're seeing today is predictable, and i think we're going to see more of it, and hopefully it doesn't escalate any further and
11:55 am
protests can remain non-violent, but the issue of jerusalem is so central to the narrative both of the palestinians and the israelis and to people all over the world, that it's hard to, to have perceived this announcement as resulting in anything else but violence. >> so you're concerned about what will happen tomorrow? >> of course. violence in the region between israelis and the palestinians often erupts because of events surrounding jerusalem and what happens in jerusalem. in friday prayers where masses gather, in mosques, and when sentiment is so tense it could lead to much more violence following that. >> and as you well know, the idea of a palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital united the arab world for decades, but
11:56 am
the "new york times" reported today that while arab leaders continued to pay lip service to the palestinian cause, it has slipped in importance, displaced by the arab spring uprisings, the wars in iraq, syria and yemen. the threat of the islamic state. the move denounced. the palestinians take a back seat, can we expect anything with any lasting impact in response to what the president did? >> well, definitely the peace process will be set back by this move. it emboldens extremists and people on both sides who don't want to see their being a two-state solution to the conflict. in israel, for example, there are a lot of political leaders including in the current government who don't think there should ever be a palestinian
11:57 am
state in the west bank with its capital in jerusalem, and they will be emboldened by this statement and on the palestinian side, president abbas is engaged in a fierce political struggle with hamas a group that does not recognize israel and supports violence, and this move undermines him, and weakens him. he has supported a diplomatic solution to the conflict, and that just doesn't seem to be coming forward. >> thank you so much for that. much appreciated. and we'll be right back. a wealth of information. a wealth of perspective. ♪ a wealth of opportunities. that's the clarity you get from fidelity wealth management. straightforward advice, tailored recommendations, tax-efficient investing strategies, and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management. to help you grow and protect your wealth.
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